Mid-term Teaching Inspection in Autumn, 2013 of ICCJU

[Date:2013-11-12] Source:Teaching Affairs Office  Author:Wu Zusong [Font:L M S]

On the afternoon of November 6, 2013, the mid-term teaching inspection team led by Chief of Teaching Affairs Department Zhao Mingjie checked the teaching inspection in International College, the Party Secretary Chen Changhua of ICCJU and Deputy Dean Liu Yuanfeng attended the meeting.

  Firstly, Mr. Zhao and other team members listened to the self-check report of the mid-term teaching inspection of International College. Mr. Liu gave a report mainly concerning daily teaching operation and management, teaching of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Programme, teaching management rule and revision of the 2014 edition of Talent Cultivating Plan and so on, Mr. Liu also reported the disadvantages in the early stage and main emphases in the later stage. The teaching inspection team also inspected the teaching records, staff room activity records and so on. 

Finally, Mr. Zhao gave praise on the teaching achievements of International College and some suggestions and requirements on teaching reform. He hoped that the International College should strengthen teaching reform in order to get more achievements.

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