The Open Teaching Activity was Held at International College for the Second Term in 2013-2014

[Date:2014-04-17] Source:Teaching Affairs Office  Author:Wu Zusong [Font:L M S]

In order to advance teaching capacities, improve theory and practice ability, the open teaching activity for teacher Jiang Liming was held in classroom 30203 on Thursday afternoon, in the sixth week at the International College. The headman of teaching experts Wang Dacheng and two members attended the activity. The director of teachers’ department Luo Qunlin, the chief of the majors Tang delan and Miss Niu Xia and Mr. Hu Yong also attended the activity.

Mr. Jiang Liming taught the students from class 1 grade 2012 and class 2 grade 2012; the title was about the technology property and standard of silicate cement. Mr. Jiang started class with the technology property and knowledge of silicate cement, and then talked about the technology standard. He not only explained profound theories in simple language, but also the teaching explanation was clear and careful. In addition, Mr. Jiang used the video to help students to understand the teaching contents, which motivated the students’ study enthusiasm.

After class, the teachers discussed the teaching seminar; Mr. Jiang talked about his teaching idea and other teachers gave their suggestions, and at last the supervisor team gave the summaries. They agreed that Mr. Jiang prepared lessen well. Additionally, the team agreed that the teaching manners were generous, the teaching thinking was clear, the multi-media was used skillfully, the language was used fluently. Moreover, the class arrangement and structure was constructed reasonably, and Mr. Jiang was able to demonstrate the abstract concepts and difficult theory concerning silicate cement with easily-understood examples. The team also gave pertinent suggestions on teaching contents and writing design.

This open teaching activity provided a chance for teachers to study and exchange teaching method. The teachers hoped that such activity should be held frequently.

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