Group 2015 Engineering Cost and Construction Students’Practical Work Session in Ciqikou

[Date:2016-11-21] Source:国际学院  Author:Translator: Li Jinyan [Font:L M S]

October 10th, 2016 - 28, visiting lecturer Joi Zhao from Australian Box Hill Institute had came to the International College, she prepared and carried out 3 weeks of teaching lectures for group 2015 Engineering Cost and Construction students. The foreign teacher weeks mainly focuses on two core units: Apply structural principles to residential low rise construction and apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise projects (low-rise building construction standards).

Lecturer Joi planned and organized a practical work session for the students in order to create an opportunity for the students to grasp a deeper understanding of the principles of low-rise building construction. They visited Ciqikou in the middle of the second teaching week. She combined with two professional units altogether to learn the relevant knowledgeeffectivelyin the field, hence students could apply the design codes and structural principles to doors, windows and staircases of low-rise buildings, as well as fire safety, evacuation routes and other aspects to the design requirements and specifications.

During this practical training session, students have combined the knowledge from the books with their own professional profound understanding, at the same time, they learned a lot of things on the topic of ‘Engineering project risk management’ that they cannot be learned in the classroom. At the end of this practical work session, lecturer Joi divided student into different discussion groups and evaluated their works through their group presentation.

 This training session is truly worthwhile, students stepped out of the classrooms, they observed how engineering works in the real world, and now have a better understanding of low-rise construction buildings.


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