Each Stitch of the Unique Embroidery Shows Our Deep Love

[Date:2016-12-01] Source:国际学院  Author:Translator: Wang Guoju [Font:L M S]

As Chinese traditional handcraftsdedicate and auspicious embroideries are presented as national gifts.  To greet the 65th anniversary of its foundation, the    teachers and students make concerted effort to prepare for our alma mater an unique present, a piece of       embroidery with Chinese characters “Splendid CQJTU    Greets its Founding ” on the December with bouquets of colorful flowers and osmanthus aroma.

Embroidered by the CQJTU teachers and students, the piece of embroidery with a length of 3.5 meters and a width of 1 meter, displays the bright and vivid picture of magnificent and splendid Shuangfu Campus Rainbow   Gate  high above in the air and attracting scenery in  it- fragrant blossoms, green grass, tweeting birds.

In order to present a piece of unique and splendid embroidery, the Youth League Committee of International College has finished labor-dividing, purchasing raw materials since half a month ago. More than 30 teachers and students have been participating in the activity for 24 days and have completed embroidering the great panorama of CQJTU, condensing our deep love and blessing. Wish our alma mater have a more splendid future!

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