Calligraphy Charm, Harmonious Campus -- Hand-writing Calligraphy Competition by Overseas Students

[Date:2016-12-08] Source:国际学院  Author:Translator: Huang Yuhong [Font:L M S]

In October 2016, the Youth League of International College of Chongqing Jiaotong University organized a hand-writing calligraphy contest by copying the school anthem. From October 24th to 26th, the Secretary of the school Communist Youth League promoted series of publicity in the dormitory, such as recording contestants, distributing writing papers etc. During the propaganda, overseas students were showing their love of Chinese characters and the courage to write Chinese characters.


Till November 5th, the results of calligraphy contest have been revealed, and the contest certificates were issued by the Communist Youth league. Each stroke in calligraphy works shows the students respect to the school anthem, and their rigorous attitude. The activities not only promoted the students ’acknowledge to Chinese characters and the displayed the charm of Chinese characters, but also expressed mutual friendship, which provides a platform to perform talents and learn from each other. The students said that the competition allows them to feel the calligraphy, approached the calligraphy, and harvest a lot. The contest is a complete success.




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