Dr.Bourne from London South Bank University Came to Teach

[Date:2016-12-15] Source:国际学院  Author:Translator: Wang Chunling [Font:L M S]

From Nov.22nd to 25th, the sophomores of the civil engineering program have the Foreign Teachers week. The teacher,Dr.Bourne, from the cooperated London South Bank University came to deliver the course Forensic Engineering .

Dr. Bourne focuses on the transmission and absorption of the knowledge with humor and and fancy words.He gives the students  plenty examples of common engineering disasters and analyzes the reasons and precautions in details. Coming upon difficult points,he tries to make them clear from multiple perspectives . He gives students questions to think about to enhance their understanding.


When coming to the damage of complex structure,Dr.Bourne gathers the students in one corner of the classroom to explain the reasons and precautions of cracks on the plaster walls on site.It impresses students deeply.

In the end of the class,Dr Bourne divides the students into groups of four each and gives them specific issues as an evaluation.Everyone should join the task and give a presentation.


The presentation lasts a whole day.The professor gives each group comprehensive and detailed comment, making the students know their strength and the improvement in need.From the class,the students not only practice heir oral English but improve the ability to collect and manage information and the ability to analyze problems and work on teams. The students learn a lot from the class.


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