Chinese-foreign Students Gala is Successfully Held

[Date:2017-01-12] Source:国际学院  Author:Translator: Wang Guoju [Font:L M S]

On December 22nd, The “A Small Place &A Big World ”  party of China- foreign college students, undertaken by Youth League Committee of ICCJU and  sponsored by ICCJU & MIDC  is held in the functional hall on the fourth floor of the No. 2 teaching building, Nan’an Campus. The Deputy President, Huang Chengfengthe Party Secretary,  Zhao BO, the Executive Deputy Dean, Yang Xueyun, the Deputy Party Secretary, Huang Tinqiang and the relevant parties come to watch the live show.

Four students from Nigeria, Vietnam, China, preside over the party in Chinese. Firstly, the Executive Deputy Dean delivers an opening speech, hoping everyone here enjoy themselves and make more friends at the whole night. Then the party begins with a French song “Le Pari” sang by two foreign students, Cheng Gong from Cote d’lvoire and Bigger from Congo. 20 great items, performed by China - foreign students from more than 20 different countries and areas, bring a great joy to the audience and make them experience different cultural traditions.

The song “The Love Declaration Balloon ” with dancing  shows a great deal of youthful and vigorous tone.


A skit “Foreigners in China” brings the house down.

The chains of songs, acted by teachers, softly convey their past youth.

The poem is recited affectionately among the wonderful sound of zither.

Skits such as A Whim of the Heaven, Trivial Matters of   Environment Protection reflect contemporary college students’ traditional good virtues including  kindness, courtesy, hard work and consciousness of environment protection.


The performance “Merry African Drum” brings the climate of the party. All rush to the stage to take photos and the party comes to an end.


The evening party displays not only contemporary students’ glamorous youthful spirit, but also promotes the international exchange between China-foreign college students.


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